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             Before and after photos of street lights retrofitted from High Pressure Sodium (HPS) to LED's.

      Current rebates for municipalities for street lighting retrofits are at record highs.



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Benefits of Energy Efficiency

  • Lower energy, maintenance, and cooling costs
  • More money to spend on core business
  • Increased shareholder value
  • More comfortable work/tenant environment - temperature, quality of light
  • Higher work/tenant productivity
  • Reduced environmental impact which demonstrates a company's stewardship of the environment
  • Increased value of realestate assets




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Remember that the higher the efficiency rating, the greater the energy savings. All Trane split system air conditioner and heat pump matched systems with a SEER of 14.5 or above, 12 EER, or HSPF of 8.2 or above and all Trane gas furnaces with an AFUE of 90% or above meet or exceed the minimum efficiency required by the EPA for ENERGY STAR recognition.

LED Lighting


Innovative LED Lighting and Other Energy-Saving Devices

For the Government

All of our LED lighting products are made in the United States for these projects. When we install these LED products, we cut down on maintenance, replacement cost, and energy consumption. We conduct a Life-Cycle Analysis to quantify the savings, giving  customers the information necessary to make the best decision. 

For Business

While these LED products are not manufactured in the United States, they are DLC Listed and qualify for most energy efficiency rebates. We contract with other energy efficiency contractors to perform complete energy efficiency upgrades to HVAC systems, lighting systems, and refigeration sytems. We also offer 100% financing options Call us for details.


The Reihl Coil enables your walk-in coolers to save up to 50% energy.

GGT System

A retrofit device that connects to the diesel fuel generators. The GTT system makes your existing diesel generators run more efficiently (saving fuel) and removes the harmful emissions from the exhaust, helping to pass the new United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for emissions. Our proprietary technology helps you save fuel, thereby saving money. Save thousands of dollars by not buying and replacing your generator frequently.

Office Lighting - Energy-Saving Device
Contact us for our high-quality LED lighting and energy-saving devices.

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